Here in Hungary there is an ever-wider group who put on their boots, get on their bike, grab an oar or jump on their skis to spend their spare time. The Centre for Development of Active and Ecotourism gives new dynamism to touring across the country, helping everyone find a befitting close-to-nature activity. Hungary provides lots of relevant opportunities, so enthusiastic searchers can easily get lost in the abundance of offers. Our mission is to integrate all the services, developments and programs in Hungarian active and ecotourism. Activity-oriented tourism is a perfect means for adventurers to discover the natural resources and built beauties of the country. Our long-term goal is that more and more should live a healthy and adventurous life as they spend their leisure time actively.

Why active tourism?

Active tourism means any trip aimed at doing sports or any other spare time activity. Nowadays, passive relaxation is replaced by boosted adventure. Some find joy in hiking in the woods, though live wires will rarely stop there – they long for sailing, equestrian experience, and will not even boggle at extreme sports.

Why ecotourism?

The key factor in ecotourism is the common treasure of humanity: nature. The environment-conscious visitor can freely delight in relatively undisturbed natural areas which nowadays need care and protection. They offer peace for some and adventure for others, but everyone can find their place far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A vital factor in ecotourism is that it should provide a sustainable form for understanding our world.

The key role of the Centre for Development of Active and Ecotourism is to bring together all relevant investments, developments and the efforts of public, municipality, NGO and business stakeholders focusing on such areas. The resulting network can open up the development of new tourism packages and products. The Centre will design the national active and ecotourism image of Hungary and promote the completed developments home and abroad alike.

Our objectives

The objective of the organization is to see an increase in those spending their spare time actively, in nature. Our goal is to simplify the selection of destination and offer complex tourism packages for nature lovers. When tourists visit a region, they’ll be grateful for easily finding opportunities for excursions, biking, rowing or other activities alongside accommodation. Ecotourism developments can only be propagated with adequate communication. The Centre for Development of Active and Ecotourism will exploit all these small details to increase the number of nature-loving, nature-caring and environmentally conscious people.
Yet another key objective of the Centre is to give an overview of the tourism products of various public partners including in particular national parks and state forests, to popularize the nature trails, ecotourism facilities and increase the number of their visitors.

Senior officials

Gergely Baráth

Executive Director

Mirkó Petényi

Communication Director

Dániel Vidonyi

Operations Director